Anthony Gongora/Interdisciplinary Artist


In celebration of 25 years of making art I have created a new website, Anthony Gongora/Interdisciplinary Artist (AG/IA). The new site illuminates my past, shares the present and gives a glimpse into my future artistic endeavors. AG/IA will hold my entire dance achieves, which includes videos of nearly all of the dances that I choreographed from 1987 to Present. You can see my first solo dance EKG, which I choreographed as a student at CalArts. Other highlights included performances with the CalArts Dance Ensemble; Rebecca Bobele’s Thread, it is an amazing trio and one of the most beautiful dances that I ever performed. My present work with the Maida Withers Dance Construction Company is also not to be missed.

I’m thrilled to announce that I have published two new digital books. Amy’s Extra Tail Tale and Coupling Love is… though they a very different in content each book is about love. My goal for the books is to amplify love globally. Copies of my books can be found on iBooks, Amazon, Blurb and Join my in my campaign to Love Love Today and get your copies. My third digital book I Wonder is soon to be released. I Wonder, is my first illustrated poem and it too is about love, Loving the planet.

The body has always inspired my artistic research and creations: Flesh, muscle and bone at play with gravity carve a dance into space, a paintbrush pushes and pulls pigment upon a stretched canvas, fingers paint in pixels of light and clay metamorphose in hands that squish, mash and massage. Embodiment and the emotional repercussions caused at the intersection of performer/art object and the witness/audience compels me forward to my next creative endeavor. The body never disappoints in terms of wonder and as an artist it remains the perfect laboratory. I hope that you will enjoy my most comprehensive body of work to date.






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