Non-Truths Illusion Making

Non-Truths Illusion Making

Blood Stained Star

In this second painting from the Stars and Stripes the Deception Series, I was trying to process my feelings concerning the phenomena of what is perceived as real and what is an illusion? The question of how an entire group of people becomes impassioned and mobilized into action and driven by a non-truth, kept crisscrossing my mind? Historically speaking we glance backwards remembering another time, other lands, and other leaders who inspired their people to do unthinkable acts of cruelty to other people. Then we set the memory aside reassuring one’s self that those horrible things could not happen in our time, on our land, between us. But could they?

Post 9/11 hatred of the other and fear of the other became the language of the land. Revenge was driving the heart of the American people. The Bush administration was brilliant at collapsing Osama bin Laden’s act of terror on the World Trade Twin Towers onto Saddam Hussein alleged weapons of mass destruction. These two men/dark forces in the world were made to be perceived as one in the same. Repeatedly the two were linked together, which successfully amplified the fear and hatred already activated by the atrocities of 9/11. Ultimately this belief took us to war.

We as a country, as a people decided to buy into the illusion of an impending evil. We acted out of fear. And the negative repercussions of the choice to believe in a non-truth continue to ripple through our society and the globe. The truth of the matter is that bad people are not new they are always here and often times disguise as leaders. If we focus all of our intentions on those people they get the power because we are giving it to them through our intentions. Where one focuses his or her intentions is what ends up being; we manifest reality by where we direct our sites.

In the years since, terrorism has only grown and morphed into new forms. Presently, we see it spilling out and motivating disgruntled individuals into acts of great violence. Hatred and fear is like a fuel for the disenfranchised it ignites the will power to light the fuse, spark the flame and pull the trigger.

The only way to correct this imbalance is through love, compassion and acts of kindness. A closed heart filled with fear will not heal the wounds of us and or the perceived other. All wounds inflicted upon all people must be perceived as equal, and as hard as that is to hear it is the truth. It is a universal truth that all people are created equal. We all embody the same capacity for good and for bad. Where we choose to focus our gaze determines how we perceive reality. If your information is one sided you should instantly become aware and seek another perspective. Only through understanding multiple sides can we make choices that come from the heart and mind. When the heart and mind are in balance with one another the choice to love and be compassionate will always rise and the right action will follow. Which is why we must all learn to look deeply at our own beliefs to measure from where those beliefs have risen. When you look deeply at being human you will see that we are all the same. We are all simply just people. There is no “other” there is only us.

Mistakes made based upon misunderstanding and misguided beliefs can only be healed through right actions. To Love, to be compassionate, to help other and serve the well being of all humankind is right action. And right action is the only action that will end terrorism. We must open out hearts and minds and begin the journey of loving all of humanity. Start today by thinking thoughts of love for everyone on the planet.

blood sain star copy web

Blood Stain Star depicts me mounting a chair in fear of a mouse. Crawling on the floor beneath me is the written word “mouse,” but there is not actually a mouse there. However this does not change my level of fear. In this regard I was mirroring the elevated state of fear in the American people perpetuated by the Bush administration. Fear speak concerning our impending dome brought on by the forthcoming “axes of evil” framed nearly every one of President Bush’s speeches to the American people. And so we believed in the mouse that was not there. The bigger question at hand is, even if the mouse was there why would we fear a mouse? The chair that I’m perched upon is the American flag. I’m clinging to it as if it would save me, like a life raft in a bloody sea. I extended the points of the star off of the canvas to represent teeth of a saw blade, which cuts through the night sky. This was how I choose to depict the use of American excessive force and power exerted over the other. My body is out of focus blurred as if it is about to evaporate and the words KEEP ME HOLLOW line the curvature of my spine. In this way I’m illustrating my emotional internal landscape and also expressing my external sense of oppression. One of the bitter pills to swallow being a part of a great nation is that when our government acts it appears to the world that we are all in agreement with those actions. When you are not in agreement the outcome can feel like oppression. I felt like my point of view was invisible and that I was being hollowed out by fear. But not my personal fear it was a fear outside of myself being forced upon me, as if external forces were insisting that I be filled with fear. But I was not. Instead the question, “what have we done as a nation that I don’t know about, which has caused another people to have so much hate for us Americans?” Hatred does not blossom out of thin air it is grown just as love is grown. What seeds are you going to grow with in your being? Seeds of Hate or seeds of Love, you get to choose. I choose love always love. My intention behind my art is to offer another perspective, to give another side to the many sides of what it means to be human. Don’t be hollowed out by fear be filled with love. Then act out of love.

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