Dance Companies

Companies Banner

I have had the great joy of having danced in the companies of some the most brilliant Dance Artist. Starting at CalArts with The CalArts Dance Ensemble under the artistic direction of Dean Cristyne Lawson. Followed by dancing in the company of Loretta Livingston and Dancers, Las Angeles. To Chicago, dancing in the companies of the Chicago Repertory Dance Ensemble, Bob Eisen Dance, Jan Erkert and Dancers, The Chicago Dance Medium and Mordine Dance Theater. While living in Asheville, NC I had the pleasure of dancing for Ann Dunn, in her company the Asheville Ballet. A definite highlight was getting to dance with my college roommate and dearest friend Dawn Stoppiello in her company Troika Ranch, New York City. Presently I continue my artistic collaboration with Maida Withers and The Maida Withers Dance Construction Company, Washington, DC.

The artist and dance companies mentioned above have influenced and helped to shape my artistic voice. I will be forever grateful for the dance opportunities, for which they afforded me. The dance videos that I share here were shot solely for documentary purposes. Dance being an ephemeral art form makes it near to impossible to experience the magic of its live performance. However, I hope these videos will help to keep alive the extraordinary dances that I have had the joy of carrying within my body, soul and mind.

The two center photos on the above banner are from the Loretta Livingston and Dancers company shot by Sharon Bays. The photo on the left is from Jan Erkert and Dancers and the photo on the right is from The Chicago Repertory Dance Ensemble and both  photos are by William Frederking.

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