CalArts Dance Ensemble


Mingus Moves, a production of the Cal Arts Dance Ensemble under the artistic direction of the brilliant Cristyne Lawson. Cristyne choreographed this playful quartet, which was set on my beloved mentor Rebecca Bobele, the always-magnificent Kurt Weinheimer, my soul sister Dawn Stoppiello and myself.

Click on the link bellow to see Mingus Moves

Mingus Moves (1988, Quartet)


Thread, was choreographed by Rebecca Bobele, for the CalArts Dane Ensemble. Thread was a trio for three men and the performers were Kurt Weinheimer and myself. The third man’s name is eluding me, (if you happen to watch the video and remember his name please forwards his name to me and I will update this page). I had spent the Summer of 1986 studying dance with Rebecca and she had shared with me some of her first envisioning of Thread. One of the first images that Rebecca shared with me was that of a thick rope extending into forever… the knotted end hovering in the CalArts Modular Theater. Simply hearing about Rebecca’s new dance was inspiring.  Sadly, auditions came and I was not cast in the dance. I was very disappointed because I had been learning some of the movement material that summer and had grown to love the movement. Then as fate would have it the third man in the dance injured both his feet in a skiing accident and in the final hour I was flung into the dance. Looking back I can’t help but feel immensely grateful to have had such an amazing dance opportunity.  Thread, is one of the most exquisite dances ever made. Rebecca Bobele was an amazing dancer, choreographer, teacher, friend and mentor I will miss here forever.

Click on the link to see Thread

Thread (1987)

CalArts DE 25

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