Thin Wash Familiar Bones

Carrie and Tony Thin Wash Familiar Bones

Choreography By Carrie Hanson

Performance by

Carrie Hanson

Anthony Gongora

The stunningly beautiful dancer and brilliant choreographer Carrie Hanson choreographed Thin Wash Familiar Bones (1996), for the premiere season of Loop Troop. Carrie and I went on to include Thin Wash Familiar Bones in our duet concert Blues on White. We toured the dance nationally and internationally, receiving an honorable mention for choreography and performance at the Mannheim International Dance Competition, Mannheim, Germany. Carrie’s choreography was exhilarating to perform and I loved sharing the stage with her. We worked together for nearly a decade and built several performances together. Having shared in the creative process with many dance artist and having danced with many dancers, Carrie remains the singular person whom I have felt the most profound connection to in the creative process as well as in performance. I will always hold the memory of all the beautiful art that we brought into the world together with only the greatest fondness, and love for my exquisite dance partner Carrie Hanson.

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