Solo Performance

Solo Banner2002

peace money god bomb

Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center, College Park, Maryland. A solo dance.



Movable Beast Dance Festival, Chicago, Illinois, This solo performance consisted of the same choreography performed by three different characters – a pregnant woman, a closeted race car driver and a frustrated performance artist. Each character performed in different venues including the Hot House, the Museum of Contemporary Art and The Chernnan Center.



The Krannert Art Museum and Kinkade Pavilion, Champaign/Urbana, Illinois. The first staging was presented in the dance installation “Room to Room.”


One Bird’s Wing Flapping/Oil Spill

The Athenaeum Theater, Chicago Illinois. Premiered in the Jumpgiant Project, a shared evening of dance presented by seven independent dance artists. Laura Malzahn of the Chicago Reader said, “…this is beautiful choreography breathtakingly performed.”


Listening Without Ears

Links Hall, Chicago, Illinois. Premiered as part of the Mentoring Project produced by Jan Erkert and Dancers. The solo was included in Jan Erkert and Dancers’ Chicago season at the Dance Center of Columbia College. Lynn Voedisch, dance critic for the Chicago Sun-Times wrote: “Gongora’s dance of spiritual awakening is a powerful piece of dance magic.”


Home is Not in the Heart

Premiered at the Dance Center of Columbia College, Chicago, Illinois. Produced by the Chicago Repertory Dance Ensemble for New Dances. Terry Brennan, dance critic for the Chicago Reader, wrote, “Gongora’s honesty and carefully orchestrated symbols … are delicate rather than polemical. They turn inward to ask a moral question rather than rush outward to proclaim an answer.”



Premiered at Cal Arts Theater II, Valencia, California. EKG, was added to the repertory of the Chicago Repertory Dance Ensemble.

Anthony at MCA with Chuck II



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