Stars and Stripes the Deception Series

Stars and Stripes the Deception Series was painted frantically over a one-month period shortly after I completed my MFA at the University of Maryland, College Park Maryland, and George W. Bush was elected as President of the United States of America for the second time. I had to give form to the conflict that I felt inside. 9/11 had passed but the images of Bush sitting in a pre-school reading to Children while the secret service whispered into his ear that an airplane had just flow into one of the twin towers had branded itself into my consciousness. That the President showed little to no expression always seemed so shocking to me. He sat their silently looking blank. Fear permeated the airwaves and he convinced us to invade a country where weapons of mass destruction were said to be harboring. In the end there was none. I felt that my government was telling lie after lie drowning me in sea of fear. Another artist had made a portrait of Bush using monkey heads, which was censored and removed from the gallery. It infuriated me that I could be living in a country that would censor its artist. So I painted Bush as a Monkey King and a shrub. The show in its entirety expresses my deep frustration in not feeling represented or supported by my country, for which I had spent all my adult years in service to as an Artist/Educator.

Click on the painting to watch the art video of Stars and Stripes the Deception Series



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